About us


TMK Industrial Solutions LLC is focused on marketing of TMK Group's seamless steel industrial pipe products to North & South America customers. 


Seamless industrial pipe are used in machine-building, manufacturing of oil&gas downhole equipment and accessories, hydraulics, boiler and process equipment, in the chemical industry and in the production of bearings.

Main product groups marketed by TMK Industrial Solutions LLC include following categories:

  • Mechanical tubes/tubing
  • Coupling stock tubes
  • Heavy weight drill pipes/Upset to grade drill pipes/Green tube drill pipes
  • Boiler tubes
  • Heat exchanger/condenser tubes
  • High/low temperature nickel based alloy tubes
  • Round and square steel billets


TMK Group operates more than 30 production sites in Russia, the U.S., Canada, Romania, Oman and Kazakhstan and it has the world’s largest steel pipe production capacity.